Amazing associates and their stories

ASEA associate Yvette Delcampo is a great example of how one helps to improve people’s lives. 

As we improve people’s lives and continue to be a force for good in the world, ASEA likes to recognize those who have made a difference and have had an impact along the way. This month we highlight an associate who has excelled, both personally and professionally, and exudes our core values as we strengthen our mission. Help us celebrate Yvette Delcampo! Together: We power potential.™

Yvette Delcampo

Her journey with ASEA began six years ago when she and her husband were invited to lunch in Orlando, Florida, and were introduced to ASEA, our products, and the mission. Since then Yvette felt connected and grateful for the opportunity this business endeavour has had on their family. When asked what about ASEA has made a difference, she replied “being part of ASEA made us believe in our potential and our ability to help others.” 

It wasn’t until last year that Yvette made the commitment to fully explore the full opportunity and experience that ASEA offered as she learned more, grew personally, and fell in love with the mission to better people’s lives. 

“We have built our business on simplicity. Not having a strong network marketing background we have focused on product knowledge and understanding, and that has helped us grow,” Yvette stated, “it takes time to build a business, so we’ve learned to be patient with ourselves and the process.” 

Yvette grew up in the Dominican Republic and her career has been spent working in finance and strategy planning for various healthcare companies and has found incorporating ASEA as part of that career path has meshed well with her goals, ideals, and lifestyle. 

She and her husband have two amazing children, Elyssa 12 and Evan 10, and they enjoy spending time with their family as it is what is most important. Travelling takes a close second. 

“I feel blessed to be a part of ASEA and having the opportunity to build a business while making a difference so I can enjoy what matters most to me. We have felt tremendous support, connection, and help from those along the way,” Yvette mentions, “and we have noticed a tremendous difference in our family’s health.* We are here for a divine reason and purpose. The fact that we are part of something this amazing is something we are grateful for.”  

Yvette is growing her business patiently through a commitment to gain knowledge and understanding of products and how she can utilize them to not only expand her business but to help her team and improve her health and wellbeing on a daily basis. 

Check back to connect and share in other’s stories, perhaps the next one we share will be yours! 
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