ASEA 2023 Global Convention Press Release

10 October, 2023

ASEA® hosts 2023 Global Convention in Fort Worth, Texas

PLEASANT GROVE, Utah – ASEA, a global leader in redox technology, made some HUGE announcements at its bi-annual Global Convention that was held in Fort Worth, Texas, September 20 – 23, 2023, and also broadcast live to its associates in 33 markets across the world. 

ASEA Founder Tyler Norton announced the pre-launch phase of the new ASEA app for associates as a world-class platform designed to empower associates to share ASEA with new customers in ways they’ve never experienced before. This app boasts direct messaging, personalized shopping, innovative sharing tools and content, and analytics all infused with technology that ASEA owns. “We’ve never had anything like this before, and by the way, no one has ever had anything like this before. And it’s ours, making this a game-changer,” Norton affirmed. The pre-launch phase will extend through the end of 2023, and then officially launch in the United States on January 1. At that time, ASEA will also unveil the rollout schedule for the 32 other markets where it conducts business.  

New products launched this year included REDOXRadiance and Redox Clay Mask. REDOXRadiance is a vegan-friendly collagen support product that gives skin, hair, and nails the support they need—all in a daily plant-based, cruelty-free supplement.* Redox Clay Mask is the world’s first cell signaling clay mask that combines the ancient healing properties of bentonite clay with ASEA’s cutting-edge redox cell signaling technology. 

Erin King, “one of the Top-10 must-see motivational speakers” according to Success Magazine, addressed and wowed the audience by explaining how to ignite influence by getting more “yes” through the power of persuasion and improving sales and leadership communication. 

ASEA’s philanthropic Advancing Life Foundation updated the audience on how the foundation is changing lives for the better and helping break the cycle of poverty, abuse, and suffering. During the past year, Advancing Life continued to make an impact in areas of extreme poverty, helping marginalized communities—both in the US and across the globe—that don’t have access to necessities like water, food, and education. “This year, we made tremendous strides by supporting projects that provide clean water, food assistance, school building, disaster relief, and aid to refugees,” said the foundation’s Chair KimMarie Larsen. For more information on how the foundation is making a difference—or to make a donation that will be matched by ASEA—follow this link to ASEA Advancing Life. Thanks to our associates, we raised $150,000 to support the foundation during Convention alone.

At ASEA, we’re driven by the belief that everyone has the potential to achieve more and be more. We power potential™.

ASEA, a global leader in redox technology, is pioneering cellular health products through a principles-based, direct-selling business model. ASEA offers first-to-market revolutionary redox signaling molecule products, helping your cells work together as they’re meant to do. Our redox technology supports the body’s natural cellular renewal and communication and signals the regulation of genetic pathways. ASEA redox products power the potential of your cells, body, and life to help you feel your best.* Founded in 2010, ASEA currently operates in 33 international markets. For more information about ASEA® products or the accompanying business opportunity, visit ASEA Cellular Health.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.