ASEA Advancing Life Foundation community impact

The ASEA Advancing Life Foundation works diligently to break the cycles of poverty, abuse, and suffering all across the globe and sometimes those issues are close to home, right near our corporate office. This is how the foundation has impacted the local community.

Utahns experience homelessness

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, approximately 8,637 people became homeless for the first time in 2022, rising from 7,816 in 2021 and 6,768 in 2020, due in part to inflation and the lack of affordable housing. Homelessness exacerbates other issues common for individuals living in poverty, such as drug addiction, domestic abuse, and lack of access to affordable healthcare

This continual growth of homelessness year after year shows the need for organizations like The ASEA Advancing Life Foundation and social service agencies like The Road Home. We are proud to join them in addressing this issue to assist those afflicted and suffering from the effects of homelessness.

Donation to The Road Home

The Road Home “provides emergency shelter, supportive services, and housing assistance that help individuals and families step out of homelessness.” This non-profit agency has core values that mirror our own. “We value the innate human dignity of every person.” That is one reason why we chose to help support their cause(s).

We collected a full truck bed of donations during the months of November and December as part of the ASEA Advancing Life Foundation quarterly initiatives, and delivered them in person, providing numerous individuals with warm clothing and essentials to help endure the harsh winter months in Utah.

ASEA employees contributed individual donations or offered funds to help purchase much needed items to support these individuals in Utah experiencing homelessness, showing humanity is not only one of our core values, but it’s also something every employee at ASEA believes and exemplifies.

Utah families living in poverty

According to the American Community Survey (ACS), “approximately 8.2% of Utah residents, or 281,673 Utahns, were living in poverty in 2022. This includes 76,102 children aged 17 and under.” This is a “decrease from the previous year, when the poverty rate in the state stood at 8.6 percent.”

This decrease in percentage reflects a positive trend but demonstrates the continual need for support for families living at the poverty level. The ASEA Advancing Life Foundation is committed to helping these families and others across the globe.

The ASEA Angel Tree

In December, the ASEA Advancing Life Foundation created an Angel Tree to provide Christmas for ASEA families in need. This tree featured ornaments containing a child, their age, and something they wanted for Christmas, ranging from a Minecraft toy sword to comic books. ASEA employees were free to pick a child to support and purchase the item.

In the end, 12 families were supported. Each child received something they needed, something they wanted, and something educational. Gift cards and food coupons were also provided to these families, so they could have a warm Christmas dinner.

Christmas is usually a happy time of celebration, but for some families, the added stress of gifts and visiting family makes this time of year difficult. This is why the ASEA Advancing Life Foundation chose to help our ASEA families and extend a warm embrace to those who are struggling.

People matter, regardless of what they can do for us or what role they play.

Humanity is at the forefront of our core values here at ASEA and the ASEA Advancing Life Foundation allows us to positively impact the world around us. This is how we create change, large and small. By choosing to prioritize humanity, we show the world who we are and what’s important to us.

Donate today to help us break the cycles of poverty, abuse, and suffering.