ASEA celebrates World Caring Day

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World Caring Day is a day to highlight all the ways we connect to show the world how much we care. We should always take time to celebrate the millions of acts of caring we see across the globe. These big and small gestures change the world, one person at a time. Join us as we celebrate all the kindness we’ve recently witnessed.

ASEA cares about the world around us

Whether it’s the ASEA Advancing Life Foundation, our corporate office, or the tens of thousands of associates across the globe, ASEA has made caring for people a priority, and this shows in everything that we do. One step into our office in Pleasant Grove, Utah, or one conversation with an ASEA associate, will show you the power of caring. 

“People matter, regardless of what they can do for you.” One of our core values is centered around humanity. This sentiment is ingrained in everything we do, anywhere the name ASEA appears. We recognize that at the core of everything we do, what it is that gives our work meaning, is the people.

2024 North America Ascent in Puerto Rico

In what was meant to be a time of relaxation and basking in the sun of a rightfully earned ASEA Ascent Experience in beautiful Puerto Rico, turned into a moment of giving back. Most of the associates chose, instead, to use this time together to give back and put more positivity into the world.

Associates elected to donate their time and energy, creating food kits for those locals in need. In total, 820 food kits were created, meaning hundreds of locals would not have to miss a meal.

Associates also donated over 300 children’s books, in English and Spanish, to a local foundation for a free library where locals can bring their children to read and rest.

Even during a time of relaxation and well-deserved rest, the ASEA family realized we couldn’t rest while others were struggling.

2024 Asia Pacific Ascent in the Philippines

The same was true for our 2024 APAC Ascent In Boracay, Philippines. The associates donated their time and energy by visiting a local elementary school. They chose to help beautify the school and painted benches and tables bright colors to make the school feel more welcoming and cheerful. They also served lunch to the students, played games with them, and even donated school supplies.

Fiona May Berry had this to say of her experience: 

“We are grateful for the opportunity to give back and make a difference. My team and I had a blast, and the smiles on the kids’ faces made it all worth it. 😊💖”

If you’d like to contribute and help support our efforts in giving back to the world, consider donating today. ASEA matches every donation made so your funds will have twice the impact. Make the choice to donate today.

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