ASEA Cell Performance formula update in Singapore, Hong Kong, and cross border e-commerce platform

Welcome to the new world of ASEA Cell Performance. We are now able to offer a global formula for ASEA Cell Performance Energy and Mood in Singapore and Hong Kong markets as well as the Cross Border E-Commerce platform! The product effectiveness is not changing. 

We understand you may have questions about this change and how it will affect your upcoming orders. We hear you and want to address some of those questions at this time.

Frequently asked questions

When is this happening?

These products will be available with the global formula starting 1 April 2024.

Why the change?

We want to make sure that our associates and customers are getting the best formula possible around the globe. We also want to make sure that the products are the highest in quality, with the longest shelf life possible. Offering a second version of the product to just a few markets does not fit in this overall goal we are trying to achieve. The effectiveness of these products will remain the same.

Is the serving size changing?

No, the serving size/dosage will remain the same for both products.

Is this change going to affect the cost?

No. The cost of our ASEA Cell Performance products will not change.

Will my shopping experience change?

No, your shopping experience will remain the same.

Thank you!

Thank you for adapting with us as we continue to advance ASEA, our products, and our commitment to supporting health and well-being.