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I am grateful to know and work with so many people who are a force for good.

— Tyler Norton, ASEA Founder and Chair

I love talking about redox because I get to talk about both what’s inside our products and, more importantly, what’s inside of you! I find it endlessly fascinating to consider the continuous push and pull of opposing forces and how those interactions create the balance where life and opportunity can exist, so potential can be fulfilled.

The fact that we experience this on every level of our lives—even the microscopic levels we’re scarcely aware of—makes what we do at ASEA™ unifying and satisfying. Think about the milestone we recently reached when we made RENUAdvanced™ Skin Care (featuring ingredients Powered by Redox™) available for the first time in every open ASEA market!

That is intuitive, unifying, and satisfying on a global scale! To me, that is a beautiful culmination of the ASEA mission, delivering redox-based innovation to the world where it can help anyone be a more balanced, more alive, more significant force for good.

This month, as so much of the world kicks off joyful gatherings to celebrate the successes of the year—even in the face of global challenges—I am grateful to know and work with so many people who are a force for good because they share not just redox products but even our redox identity. After all, we are redox.

Thank you. I hope you feel the benefits of a balanced existence as you embrace principles of redox.

We are redox

Company news

Australia/New Zealand 2022 Envision conference recap

The leadership, culture, and momentum of the ASEA™ Australia/New Zealand market has us very excited! With strong group energy and an exceptional appreciation for innovation, it’s no wonder last month’s Envision conference split its time between learning from associate leaders and recognizing their many achievements!

Envision was our opportunity to demonstrate why We power potential™. Attendees enjoyed a mental re-centering and ethos training from Tyler Norton (ASEA Founder), as well as messages and announcements from Katrina Gregory (ASEA GM of AU/NZ), Seth Saunders (Director of Training and Development), and other corporate guests.

Thank you so much to everyone who brought their own stories, perspectives, and skills to the conference. It was an uplifting boost for the teams who lead one of our most experienced ASEA markets!

Global promotions

Start your ASEA™ business for less

1 – 29 Nov 2022

During our ASEA Free Enrollment Promotion, your next team members can take advantage of free enrollment when they place their enrollment order of 400 PV or more!

Company news

The best price on Convention registration

Give yourself ample time and added budget to plan your complete Convention experience. Get your tickets to ASEA™ 2023 Global Convention now and save $50.

Products and science

ASEA Cell Performance for personal use in Mexico

Starting 7 November 2022, ASEA associates and customers in Mexico can begin enjoying the daily benefits of ingredients Powered by Redox™ and found in ASEA Cell Performance products: REDOXEnergy, REDOXMind, and REDOXMood!

Cell Performance product purchases in Mexico are currently labeled “not for resale”(NFR) and are intended for personal use only.

The ASEA NFR program

In countries where ASEA™ products are offered for personal use only, ASEA associates and customers may purchase products that are not yet registered for resale. You may even share samples of these products and refer new customers to place their own personal-use product orders.

How to place an NFR order in Mexico

To place an NFR order, visit your ASEA Virtual Office, and in the navigation menu, under My Account, select US One Time Order or US Subscription. This will take you through the NFR purchase process. Keep in mind that NFR product pricing and payment are in US dollars.

Please take care to never market or sell your NFR products, and do not make any unauthorized product claims including, but not limited to, the treatment of disease.


Associate rank advancements in October

We’re thrilled to present the associates who made October a historic part of their Diamond-level journey.

Reflects rank advancements for 1 – 28 Oct 2022


Recognizing you with a personal touch

When you reach a new rank with ASEA, it’s personal. Your growth and advancement come with real relationships, real belief, and real belonging. And that means we’re watching and cheering every achievement you make.

In fact, for every rank in the ASEA™ Compensation Plan, we stand ready to reach out and thank you personally. From a phone call to the newest Director 300 all the way up to arranging a trip to visit our corporate offices in Utah for the latest Ambassador Diamond Executive, we have a specific way we like to show our excitement.

Just last month, we hosted Ambassador Triple Diamond Executives Lucy Hakula Niumata & Stephen J. Niumata for a day in honor of their achievements. It was a beautiful occasion, complete with tours, meals, and even Samoan dancers.

How will we reach out for your next rank?

Global promotions

Consistency pays off

ASEA Consistency Rewards support your successful system with next-level training, executive-level access, and VIP-level Convention benefits—all designed to power your potential, expand your success, and lengthen your legacy.

Associate spotlight

“Don’t keep this to yourself”

Mark & Kate Waite
Australia︱Gold Executive

“Kate and I were both on the corporate treadmill, same-same everyday for years,” starts Mark. “We wanted more adventure in our lives.” Not only would he and Kate soon find adventure; they would create it themselves and reshape their future to enjoy it.

“We were into keeping healthy as best we could,” he remembers, “eating clean and being regulars at our local CrossFit gym. When Mal Sword called talking about a new ‘game changer’ technology, I was open to anything that would help me keep up with 25-year-olds in a workout!”

“Then,” continues Mark, “our amazing daughter, Pippa, was born. Her arrival helped us plan out a whole new vision for our future, which did not include working for a big corporation. To us, working away from home, 40-plus hours per week, 48 weeks per year for the next 20 years was, well, we felt life was way too short for that.”

“Little kids are only little for a short time, and if you miss it, it’s gone!”

“We eventually realized we have a chance here to reach the world with an unprecedented wellness breakthrough,” says Mark. “The penny dropped for us when we realized we have a patented and proven product that everyone needs—and we have sole distribution rights in over 33 international markets and counting. What an opportunity!”

“We see ASEA as such a unique opportunity to add some serious value to humanity,” he says.” “Nothing gives us personal fulfillment more than seeing a transformation in the overall health, physical appearance, and athletic capacity of those who have collided with ASEA.”

“If living large when it comes to time and money is on your radar,” says Mark, “then look no further—you’ve found it!”

“Our advice to you? Don’t keep this to yourself.

Adapted from the September 2022 edition of the ASEA Australia/New Zealand regional newsletter.

This is not a guarantee of a particular income. Individual results will vary. View our income disclosure statement at

Media mentions

ASEA designs in AIGA Design Awards “100 Show”

When the Salt Lake City chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) hosted its annual exhibition in October, The 100 Show, it featured two entries from the ASEA Creative Team. Associates around the world will recognize the distinctive packaging of our RENUAdvanced™ Skin Care System, and illustrious qualifiers of the ASEA 2022 Legacy Experience will know well the two collectible coin designs.

Media mentions

Join #19 ASEA on the DSN Digital Momentum Index

When Direct Selling News released its most recent rankings of the companies experiencing significant growth in their online presence within the last six months, ASEA reached #19 for domestic US companies! Thank you for following, sharing, and being part of the online social conversation. We couldn’t do it without you!

Follow ASEA on social media


Unauthorized listings removal program

We continue to protect your sales avenues and the company reputation you uphold. Ongoing monitoring and removal efforts help ensure a strong redox marketplace for the quality products you sell.


Policy update: Will call as a shipping option

Later this month

United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia: Will call orders may be placed only by associates who are registered in that market. Only associates registered to a specific market may place will call orders for that market.

Hong Kong only: Any order over 400 PV will no longer be eligible for will call (office or warehouse) pick up.

Starting 2 January 2023

United States: Bulk orders of more than 15 cases will no longer be available for will call pick up.

Hong Kong: Bulk orders of more than 10 cases will no longer be available for will call pick up.

Regional promotions

The ASEA opportunity extends across borders. If your team does, too, it’s important to know about our regional offers in every market. Take a look at what’s available worldwide and be sure to remind your team to take advantage of these local, limited-time promotions and incentives to grow their businesses!

All dates correspond to US calendar

Go Bronze!

18 June – 11 November 2022


Go Diamond!

18 June – 11 November 2022


The Executive

20 August – 23 December 2022


Grow & Cash Flow

10 September – 11 November 2022

US, Mexico, and Canada

RENUAdvanced Free Travel Pouch Promotion

29 September – While supplies last

Hong Kong

Top PV Enroller Promotion:
Phuket Holiday Voucher

1 October – 30 December 2022

Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Philippines

Christmas Promotion

5 November 2022 – 10 February 2023


Advancing Life Foundation

Recent Advancing Life project contributions

Our most recent efforts to improve living conditions around the world include funding a new ground transport vehicle for Mothers Without Borders in Zambia, supporting the Salvation Army‘s relief programs for Hurricane Ian survivors, and a gift of tools and equipment to CHOICE Humanitarian in the Navajo Nations.

Thank you so much for helping to further these meaningful causes with your continued contributions!

Giving Tuesday happens on 29 November

Timed to refocus the world’s priorities after the biggest shopping events of the year, Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement for inspiring people to serve, collaborate, and celebrate humanity.

We invite you to join us this Giving Tuesday in our efforts to break cycles of poverty, abuse, and human suffering by planning local service or donating to the cause of the ASEA™ Advancing Life™ Foundation.

(Reminder: ASEA will match every $1 donated.)

Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement for inspiring people to serve, collaborate, and celebrate humanity.

Visit for more upcoming events

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