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Courage in our thoughts, words, and actions can create a change that extends far into the future.

— Chuck Funke, ASEA CEO

Hello ASEA associates. There’s no better time to talk about legacy than on ASEA Founder Verdis Norton’s birthday. (Happy birthday yesterday, Verdis!) Hopefully you’re familiar with some of his story—the work and vision that went into our first product and becoming a cellular health company unlike any other.

Anyone who has ever been drawn to a cause that’s larger than themselves or that transcends their lifetime understands how courage in our thoughts, words, and actions can create a change that extends far into the future.

This very week, we are here in Paris and Monaco with ASEA leaders who embody this principle and are living their Legacy Experience. Also this week, people throughout the ASEA community are participating in #ASEAImpactWeek to extend the ASEA Advancing Life™ Foundation mission to break cycles of poverty, abuse, and suffering.

Having just come off an inspiring ASEA Europe Conference and during this back-to-school and back-to-business month, I encourage you all to consider the past acts of others that have fed your potential and then pattern your personal actions to carry that same power to others.

That is how we create a legacy.

Market spotlight

ASEA Europe powers potential in Budapest

There’s a new energy in ASEA Europe today. The mood has changed, and the mindset is clear. And we’re not just talking about the regional launch of our three ASEA™ Cell Performance products—though they certainly help!

With ASEA 2022 Europe Conference still fresh in the minds of its global attendees, we’re excited to share some of the big news so recently announced from its stage.

Cell Performance products, REDOXEnergy, REDOXMood, and REDOXMind, are coming soon to all ASEA Europe markets.

The newly updated and Powered by Redox™ RENUAdvanced Skin Care System is coming soon to all ASEA Europe markets.

Destinations for all Peak Performance 2023 incentive trips announced, with ASEA Ascent, Diamond Summit, and Legacy Experience qualifying open now through 10 March 2023!

ASEA™ 2023 Global Convention will be held in Fort Worth, Texas over the dates of 21 – 23 September.

Market spotlight

ASEA Asia celebrates in Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore

Associates and leaders in Malaysia and Singapore also held inaugural regional conferences last month, coming together to renew knowledge, energy, and conviction for strong growth and just in time to jump into Peak Performance qualification!

ASEA Taiwan gathered to celebrate four years by recognizing and highlighting leadership success stories and paving the way for more to come!


ASEA™ 2023 Ascent

For our ASEA 2023 Ascent Peak Performance trips, we’ve selected three incredible regional destinations in Mexico, Croatia, and Thailand. And all prize packages are unlimited, so everyone (Diamond Executives included) can earn the best experience!

A world of potential awaits you. Believe, belong, and become the leader you know you can be!

Reach new heights. Realize your potential.

ASEA™ 2023 North America Ascent
ASEA™ 2023 Asia Pacific Ascent
ASEA® 2023 Europe Ascent

Catch your breath. Enjoy the scenery.


ASEA™ 2023 Diamond Summit

Reach the next level in your ASEA journey when you qualify for ASEA™ 2023 Diamond Summit! Now through 10 March, you can earn one of two prize packages when you earn paid rank points! The higher your paid rank, the more points you earn.

Qualification is now open! Qualifiers will spend next July with their fellow ASEA rising stars at the Caribbean’s most beautiful destination: St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands!

12 – 16 July 2023
St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
Westin Resort and Spa


ASEA™ 2023 Legacy Experience

Reach the elite level in your ASEA journey when you qualify for ASEA™ 2023 Legacy Experience! Now through 10 March, you can earn one of two prize packages based on your weekly paid rank! The higher your paid rank, the more points you earn.

Qualification is now open! Qualifiers will spend next July with their fellow ASEA elite peers at the Caribbean’s most beautiful destination: Ritz-Carlton, St. Thomas!

12 – 19 July 2023
St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
Ritz-Carlton, St. Thomas

Don’t just leave your legacy. Live it.


ASEA™ 2023 Global Convention announced

Round up your posse and head to the open skies of ASEA™ 2023 Global Convention in Fort Worth, Texas. Together we’ll rustle up the latest redox innovations, wrangle business tips, and grab potential by the horns. As a global ASEA gathering, come saddle up with friends from around the world for a ride toward your next level.

Join the ASEA Facebook Group for regular updates on events and more.


Associate rank advancements in August

We’re thrilled to present the associates who made August a historic part of their Diamond-level journey.

Reflects rank advancements for 30 July – 2 September

Diamond Executive

Da Her Sdn Bhd & Tan Seh Yong,


For more advancements and achievements, visit the recognition page in your ASEA™ Virtual Office or join our Global Associates Facebook Group for weekly updates!


Aspire and celebrate with our new leaderboard

Check the home page of your ASEA™ Virtual Office (VO) for our all-new Top 100 Enrollers leaderboard. Not only will you see a worldwide ranking of the week’s top team builders; you can filter for your region and click to like, love, or leave a comment. Log in now to see and strengthen your teammates!

Media mentions

Package design honored with American Inhouse Design Awards

Out of more than 7,000 entries to this year’s Graphic Design USA American Inhouse Design Awards, we’re proud to announce that product package designs for ASEA™ Cell Performance and the RENUAdvanced™ Skin Care System are among the top 10% being recognized! These product launches were a major company-wide collaboration, and we’re grateful our packaging lives up to the innovation and quality of the products they contain.

Regional promotions

Asia Spring Promotion

31 March – 30 September 2022

Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand

10% discount on RENU28™ Gel in subscription orders containing two or more tubes

Go Bronze!

18 June – 11 November 2022

Go Diamond!

18 June – 11 November 2022

RENUAdvanced™ Skin Care Promotion

23 July – 29 September
or while supply lasts

Road to Diamond

13 August – 4 November 2022

The Executive

20 August – 23 December 2022


27 August – 28 October 2022

RENUAdvanced™ Skin Care Promotion

2 – 30 September 2022
or while supplies last

Grow & Cash Flow

10 September – 11 November 2022


Next-Level marketing:
Doing something for others

We live in a world worn out by seeking and swiping for something, because the “what can you do for me?” approach eventually comes up empty. Instead, focus on what you can do for others. In Terry’s words, servant leadership is the key to positive outcomes.


Unauthorized listings removal program

We continue to protect your sales avenues and the company reputation you uphold. Ongoing monitoring and removal efforts help ensure a strong redox marketplace for the quality products you sell.

Advancing Life

Verdis’ birthday give back event

Help us make the most of ASEA Impact Week by giving back in your community and donating to the ASEA Advancing Life™ foundation before 18 September. Build the ASEA legacy and honor Verdis Norton during his birthday week. Tag your service on social media using #ASEAImpactWeek.


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