ASEA® VIA® formula update in Singapore and Hong Kong

Welcome to the new world of ASEA® VIA®. We are now able to offer a global formula for ASEA VIA products in Singapore and Hong Kong! While they may look and seem a bit different, the product quality and effectiveness are still the same. As we continue to advance ASEA, our products, and our commitment to supporting health and well-being, this update in the formula is necessary to carry out our vision: to become the recognized global leader in cellular health and redox-based technologies.

You will see the new formula and packaging over the next few months for VIA Biome, VIA Source, and VIA LifeMax. If you had VIA Biome backordered in Singapore, expect to receive the product with the new global formula on your order. There will be no interruption with your order and it will arrive as scheduled. The cost of our ASEA VIA products will not change nor will your shopping experience.

We’re excited to bring this global formula to the Singapore and Hong Kong markets and can’t wait to see you power your potential!