Building hope, shaping lives: Advancing Life helps fund aid for Mothers Without Borders in Zambia

In the heart of Zambia, the non-profit Mothers Without Borders has successfully doubled its capacity to house children through the expansion of their dormitories, thanks to funds donated by the Advancing Life Foundation. This expansion not only increased the number of children they can accommodate but also set the stage for further improvements to their facilities, ensuring a brighter future for the young lives under their care.

A catalyst for great change

The completion of the new dormitories and dining hall marks the first phase of the expansion project. To fully realize their mission, additional funding was needed for the Children’s Resource Center facilities and Advancing Life was happy to help. These donations led to the initiation of two major projects: the completion of the new Children’s Resource Center Facility and the renovation and repurposing of the older 2008 Center facilities.

Enhancing the new children’s resource center

The first project focused on the New Children’s Resource Center Facility, addressing crucial elements that contribute to the holistic development of the children. Renovation of showers and laundry facilities ensures a clean and comfortable living environment, promoting the health and well-being of the children. Security fences were erected around the property, enhancing safety and creating a secure space for the children to thrive. The construction of a playground and the addition of shade cloths over the amphitheater contribute to the recreational and cultural aspects of the children’s lives, fostering a well-rounded upbringing.

Revitalizing existing facilities

The second project is aimed at renovating and repurposing the older 2008 Center facilities. This involves providing essential furniture for dorms and educational spaces, and creating a conducive learning environment for the children. Faculty offices were renovated to enhance the working conditions of the staff, ensuring they can continue to provide the best care and education to the children. The construction of two security checkpoints further emphasizes the commitment to safety and protection.

Transforming lives, shaping new futures

Each of these projects plays a critical role in fulfilling the overarching purpose of the Children’s Resource Center. The center serves as a hub for education, recreation, and personal development, offering a holistic approach to the well-being of the children in Mother’s Without Borders’ care.

Looking ahead, the Advancing Life Foundation is inviting volunteers to witness the impact of their contributions firsthand by joining next year’s service expedition. In the coming year, volunteers will have the opportunity to visit the project, interact with the children, and contribute to the ongoing mission of providing love and hope to the vulnerable children of Zambia. Through these collective efforts, volunteers and donors continue to be a beacon of hope, transforming lives and shaping a brighter future for the children they help.