Dimethicone and RENUAdvanced: what it is and why we include it in our products

What exactly is dimethicone?

Dimethicone (or polymethylsiloxane) is a type of silicone favored by cosmetic brands and dermatologists as being “gentle and non-comedogenic (when applied to clean skin).”  Comedogenic products can block the pores of the skin and potentially cause blackheads.

Dimethicone provides the silky smooth texture your skin loves, allowing your skin to breathe while retaining moisture.

Why did ASEA choose to use it?

By using dimethicone in our RENUAdvanced Skin Care System, we ensure any skin type, from young to weathered skin, can benefit from its usefulness. It keeps the texture of our Hydrating Cream feeling velvety and soft as you apply it to your skin.

If dimethicone retains moisture in the skin, won’t it cause acne?

Not at all! Because dimethicone is “non-comedogenic,” it is specially formulated to not clog your pores. It is important, however, that it is applied after washing and rinsing your skin.

Is dimethicone okay to use with RENU28® and other ASEA products?

Absolutely yes! In fact, we recommend using RENU28® as part of your four-step RENUAdvanced skin care routine. The final step with the RENUAdvanced hydrating cream will help lock in other products, including your RENU28® gel, to ensure maximum retention and absorption in the skin, meaning visibly clear improvements in surface skin cell renewal, texture, smoothness, and elasticity.