Executive message from Ben Tyler, Chief Legal Officer

Ben Tyler, with an impressive 20 years of extensive experience as general counsel for major direct sales corporations, leads ASEA’s initiatives to fortify and safeguard our global opportunities. Joining ASEA in 2014, he supervises legal affairs, associate education, and assists with international expansion efforts, pivotal in facilitating market entries and product registrations across Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Before his tenure in direct sales, Ben spent a decade as a courtroom litigator, having attained his juris doctor degree from Brigham Young University.

I am excited to discuss the ASEA cultural value we call RESOLVE. Most of you know that I have been a lawyer for nearly 34 years and have been working in direct sales for over 26 years. The most fulfilling of those years have been the 10 I have spent with ASEA.

I diverge from the path of those who, at my stage of career, begin contemplating retirement and leisure. I am not one of those people. I am fortunate to be part of a company of the highest quality and where I enjoy going to work every day.

This leads me to what the value of resolve means to me. I am not looking to pad my resume or even anticipate my next job or promotion. I am at the top of the corporate ladder with my current position and am certainly at the top in terms of the quality of the company I had hoped to work for at this stage of life. I can’t imagine a better place to spend the rest of my career than ASEA.

I am fully committed to ASEA. This is a long way of introducing what the value of resolve means to me. Commitment is, of course, another word for resolve.

I know that there are people who come and go from company to company, either as associates, employees, or simply as customers. I understand that no company can be all things for everyone, but I also know that what you get out of an experience—be it a job, your ASEA business, or even a marriage—is directly proportional to what you put into it. No relationship will ever exceed the sum of the resolve of those participating. That is certainly true of your experience with ASEA.

Many of you have heard of our commitment as an executive team to make 2024 an inflection point in our growth. Each of us at the corporate level, starting with our CEO, Scott Aldred, and moving from the executives to the other employees at all levels, is resolved to do all we can to propel ASEA to the next level of growth. We are resolved, and we invite you to join us in that same level of resolve.

I challenge you to invest your time and effort into ASEA, and promise that as you do, you will receive a big return on that resolve. Come join us as we build ASEA and spread both the business opportunity and the story of our amazing products around the world. I am there with you.

Ben Tyler
Chief Legal Office