Executive message from Dave Wall, EVP and Chief Financial Officer

Guiding ASEA’s financial operations is Dave Wall, who has been instrumental in overseeing budgeting, forecasting, treasury management, tax, and fiscal reporting since 2011, ensuring the protection of ASEA’s monetary interests. Dave also implements strategic planning and forecasting to ensure that company initiatives are fiscally viable while overseeing and supporting the company’s human resource functions and IT group. Under his direction, ASEA has grown and expanded into foreign markets, with meticulous attention to tax and accounting regulations, banking and payment processing, and cash management and treasury oversight. Dave holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Utah Valley University and an MBA from Utah State University.

I firmly believe that PERFORMANCE is the cornerstone of all our core values at ASEA. It is through our commitment to performance that we truly bring our mission and vision to life, transforming words into impactful actions and tangible results.

Performance is the underpinning of all other values here at ASEA, and without a commitment to perform then our mission and vision are reduced to just words. It is our dedication to ensure these guiding principles are not merely aspirations but become our daily reality.

Throughout my life, I have held the value of performance to a high level and have seen how it can provide the best opportunities for sustainable growth. When we excel in our operations, we pave the way for long-term success.

Performance creates sustainability through operational efficiency and becomes the foundation for innovation and scalability. By optimizing our processes and striving for excellence, we build a resilient and adaptable culture, capable of scaling new heights and driving groundbreaking innovations with our redox technology.

Our commitment to performance fosters an environment where each team member and associate at ASEA is empowered to excel, grow, and achieve their fullest potential. This culture of excellence drives the collective success of our company. Performance creates a culture where individuals can thrive and become their best selves.

When we perform at our best, we build trust, confidence, and credibility with others, forming strong partnerships that allow all to flourish.

In essence, performance is the catalyst that transforms our ambitions into achievements. It is through our pursuit of excellence that we continue to uphold the integrity of our mission and vision, ensuring that ASEA remains a leader in our industry. Let us strive for the highest levels of performance, knowing that it is the key to our sustained success and the realization of our collective goals.

Best wishes,
Dave Wall
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer