Executive message from Frank Santoyo, Senior VP Business Development

For over a decade, Frank Santoyo has been integral to the global business development of ASEA. He specializes in the ASEA compensation plan, ensuring timely commissions are paid, and collaborates with North American associates to drive growth. He started with ASEA as an associate support manager, progressing into senior director of global treasury, overseeing financial reporting. He is an expert in sales modeling, fraud prevention, and financial relations. Our core value this month is growth and who better than Frank to address this topic.

I am delighted to reaffirm our commitment to one of the core values at ASEA—GROWTH. At ASEA, we hold a deep belief in fostering personal, professional, and financial development for each member of our esteemed community.

“The magic you are looking for is found in the work you are avoiding.” This quote is one of my favorites. It is simple, yet its meaning is far-reaching. The path to growth is often through the things we fear most, yet in the end makes us stronger. 

ASEA recognizes that our people are our greatest asset. We are not merely a company but a supportive ecosystem that encourages and empowers individuals to chart their course toward personal excellence and overcome obstacles as we help each other along our journey. 

We understand that personal growth is a journey unique to each individual, we each face challenges and have individualized goals. ASEA takes pride in offering a nurturing environment that supports personal development and growth. We strive to create an atmosphere where our team members can thrive not only in their professional capacities but also in their personal lives.

I feel the key to success is through continuous learning, dedication, and resilience. Through growth, we provide avenues toward accomplishments professionally and personally and help ensure that our team stays triumphant. We are committed to empowering each other and finding our potential.

Our dedication to growth goes beyond mere words; it is embedded in our organizational DNA. We actively seek and create opportunities that allow us to reach new heights. We thrive in fostering continuous development and growth of our team members, making ASEA truly exceptional.  

In our pursuit of growth, we embrace innovation, learning, and collaboration. We understand that the success of our company is intricately linked to the growth and success of each individual. We aim to cultivate a culture where everyone can unleash their full potential.

I challenge you to propel your success forward! Embrace growth, seize opportunities, and together let’s achieve greatness. Your commitment to excellence fuels our collective journey to success. Let’s make it happen! 

Best regards,

Frank Santoyo

Senior VP Business Development