Executive message from KimMarie Larsen, SVP of Ethos, Events, and Recognition

KimMarie Larsen serves as SVP of Ethos, Events, and Recognition at ASEA® while also chairing the Advancing Life Foundation. With over a decade of experience in sales and event marketing, KimMarie directs ASEA’s worldwide events strategy, fostering an environment of genuine kindness and gratitude. As a Certified Meeting Planner (CMP), she ensures the success of various ASEA events, from incentive trips to global conventions. Additionally, KimMarie’s leadership of the Advancing Life Foundation has resulted in impactful partnerships, breaking cycles of poverty, abuse, and suffering for thousands globally. Our message this month is the ASEA mission statement “to better people’s lives and to be a force for good in the world,” and who better than KimMarie to comment on this topic.

Having been part of ASEA for the past 14 years, I have had the opportunity to watch this mission statement play out across the globe in various ways. The stories are numerous from people who can enjoy life in a different capacity because of better health, financial opportunities, increased personal growth, or access to better opportunities.

The beauty of our mission statement is that you are an integral piece of the movement that ASEA is creating. When Verdis Norton began this company, he knew that this science needed to be introduced to the world, and the best way to do this was through you. Through individuals who care for humanity, individuals who would take the time to share with their loved ones how ASEA might be able to bless their lives. He wanted to leave a legacy of goodness in the world and this is happening one by one through human connection in a world that is disconnecting and replacing humanity through technology. At ASEA there is a beautiful synergy between technology creating our products and humanity.

Another way that ASEA has become a force for good in the world is through the ASEA Advancing Life Foundation, which started nine years ago. Through the generosity of ASEA associates, employees, and friends, donations are received and matched by ASEA, allowing the foundation to fund projects worldwide. To date, we have collaborated with non-profits to bless communities in over 26 countries funding initiatives that focus on breaking cycles of poverty, suffering, and abuse. We have tackled issues dealing with clean water, education, human trafficking, food insecurity, and disaster relief. These projects are having a profound impact on the lives of individuals as their health improves, allowing them to gain employment or go to school; increasing their ability to provide for their families and have access to opportunities that were not obtainable when they could only focus on survival and stuck in the chains of extreme poverty.

There is incredible power in joining together as a community with the desire to be a force for good. As Margaret J. Wheatley said, “There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” We are a force for good in the world, and we thank you for being part of our community empowering potential and change for a better world!

Warm regards,

KimMarie Larsen

SVP of Ethos, Events, and Recognition, Advancing Life Foundation