How to network without ruining the Big Game

The Big Game is coming up. Regarded as one of the biggest sporting events in the world, this is a superb networking opportunity. Whether you host your own party (do it!) or attend one, you’re bound to be around many friends and associates with plenty of time to converse. Read about how to best utilize this time without boring your audience.

Time to party!

This is an event of epic proportions. For 2023, 112 million viewers tuned in to watch the Kansas City Chiefs narrowly defeat the Philadelphia Eagles. These viewers consumed approximately 1.45 billion chicken wings, and they drank 325 million gallons of beer. Safe to say, football fans know how to party.

How do I use this party to my advantage?

First things first, remember your friends didn’t come to this party to be your customers. Make sure they are able to relax and enjoy themselves. Try talking to them about the game, if you’re privy to the teams and players. If football isn’t your thing, watch the commercials! Advertisers paid a whopping seven million U.S. dollars to broadcast a 30-second-long commercial. Sharing a laugh or a well-timed comment will go a long way. Pay attention to these commercials—they’re also competing and will bring only their best material.

Should I bring anything to the party with me?

Yes! But ditch the briefcase—now’s the time to whip up your favorite side dish. Remember, calories don’t count here. Bring your most flavorful, most delicious appetizer that will make them say, “Send me this recipe!”

Not a cook? No problem. Try some simple sides that will still impress.

Party? Check. Side dish? Check. Now how do I break the ice?

Start small. Introduce yourself. Repeat names in the conversation to help you remember. Politely excuse yourself if the interaction has a lull. Don’t force it. Say “hello” to anyone who makes eye contact with you and don’t be afraid to be outgoing. Smile! Look friendly and sociable. Pay attention to body language. It’s not quite the time for business talk.

I’ve been mixing and mingling. Is it time for a sales pitch?

As we said before, pay attention to your audience. They came to relax, not to be a customer. Listen to their needs and wants and see if you can help. Does someone seem stuck in their career? Is anyone complaining about finances or do they seem stressed about income? Does someone open up even a little about their health? Do their eyes light up when you tell them what you do? This could be an opportunity, but don’t give them a lecture. Exchange information, follow them on social media (with their permission)—the connection is most important. You can follow up later.

Mission: Successful.

The Big Game can be a perfect networking opportunity, but it’s also a time for fun and friends. Take time to relax and enjoy yourself so you can get back to the grind when the work week starts the next day. Don’t lose sight of the main goal which is to build meaningful connections. This is how your network will grow. Before you know it, your contact list will be fuller than your stomach after the party.

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