Human trafficking victims are now safer with expertly trained staff, thanks to funds donated by the Advancing Life Foundation

Human trafficking victims are safer thanks to funds donated by the Advancing Life Foundation. Donated funds helped train medical professionals who work at rural and free health clinics and has provided more beds in aftercare units. Medical professionals were taught the signs of human trafficking, how to identify and report victims so that they can be rescued. Discover more about the life-saving services trafficking victims are receiving at health clinics and how the staff has been trained to spot possible victims.

Empowering health professionals

The professionals who work with Safe House are committed to ending abuse by providing safe shelter, support, advocacy, counseling, and education. With funds donated by Advancing Life Foundation, the staff at 50 separate health clinics have completed their survivor advocate training. 

The program equips professionals working in the field of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and human trafficking with advanced knowledge and skills to effectively aid and empower survivors. An encouraging 88% of the participants reported an improvement in their understanding and skills after completing the training course. This in-depth training provides strategies that are essential for professionals seeking to make a meaningful difference in the lives of survivors and help them avoid falling back into dangerous situations.

Aiding survivors

Most importantly, over 200 survivors have been identified and assisted as a direct result of the training healthcare professionals have received. Among these survivors, 72% have found solace and support in Safe House aftercare shelters, where they receive essential treatment and aid to rebuild their lives.

About 90% of survivors who receive help from health clinics are US citizens and 70% of them were being trafficked in their own communities while living at home. 50% of the survivors were being trafficked by a family member and nearly all of the victims reported being sexually abused as children from a young age. Many are finally brave enough to ask for help because they have children of their own they’re now trying to protect. One survivor reported having to ask for help from friends and family seven times over the course of her abuse before age 13. Nobody believed her and she remained silent until help was offered from trained staff..

Transforming tragedy into hope

By funding the training of these professionals, the cycle of silence and disbelief surrounding the experiences of survivors has finally been broken. Their stories are being heard and believed, leading to much-needed intervention and the support they desperately need. By offering hope, healing, and safe spaces, donors are helping transform lives for the better and creating a more compassionate community.