Leading women of ASEA

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Women leaders are changing the world, one company at a time. Not only is it good for women, it’s also good for business. Research shows that companies with more women on their boards outperform those without by a significant margin, and organizations with greater gender diversity among senior leaders are more likely to be profitable. Learn how women leaders at ASEA are leading the charge into a new phase of entrepreneurship.

Natural leadership skills

Women are able to lead authentically and utilize their natural strengths when leadership embodies empathetic training and support. Women often excel at building healthy relationships, communicating effectively, and collaborating with others. These skills create a positive relationship between customers, associates, and leaders.

Take KimMarie Larsen for example, our SVP of Ethos, Events, and Recognition. Kim has been at the heart of ASEA events since the company’s inception. She sees ASEA as a place where people can be themselves and where genuine kindness and gratitude abound. Under Kim’s leadership, the Advancing Life Foundation has partnered with other charitable organizations to impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of people on a global scale.

She attributes a lot of her skills to the female coaches in her life, who taught her to “work harder and prove that failure will not define me but would refine me. I have remembered this my entire adult life, and have said this to myself many times.” But her greatest female role models were her maternal grandmother and her mother. Coming from a farming family, Kim was taught the value of hard work, responsibility, and perseverance, which are all natural features of leadership.

Flexible and healthy work-life balance

Achieving a harmonious balance between one’s professional responsibilities and personal life in a manner that promotes overall well-being is essential to any workplace. Women navigate this constantly, trying to find flexibility in their schedules, prioritizing their tasks in and out of the workplace, and finding time for self-care in between all the chaos. But women leaders achieve immensely in this department, knowing how to multi-task at the maximum level all while embracing their roles in and outside of their respective companies.

Our Senior Global Training and Development Manager and 2022 Become Award winner, Linda Luther, finds herself traveling the world often for conferences, associate experiences, and professional development opportunities. Working with the internal teams at ASEA and the field leaders is a full-time job, but setting boundaries between her personal life and her professional life is essential for her to perform at her best.

“Work/life balance can be hard when working with global teams and time differences but I believe it’s so important to set your priorities in your personal life so you can stay aligned and be your best at work!”

Quality and diverse perspectives

Women in leadership roles contribute significantly to organizational success by bringing unique perspectives, fostering inclusivity, and driving innovation. Their presence not only benefits the companies they lead but also contributes to broader societal advancements towards gender equality.

Michelle Ho, SVP of Global Business Development Operations, has been in the industry for over 20 years. Originally from Hong Kong, Michelle is energetic and passionate, with an appreciation for diversity in race, gender, and cultural background. This level of diversity is embraced in the ASEA culture, with Michelle noting the impact having a diverse perspective can bring to any team.

“Having a diverse perspective helps you build trust, respect, and rapport with people from different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. You can also avoid misunderstandings, conflicts, and biases that may arise from differences. As a leader, one must recognize that different team members may have different ways of thinking or expressing themselves. Understanding this makes one a more inclusive, supportive, and effective leader.”

Women lead the way to power potential

Women in leadership play a critical role in advancing gender equality in the workplace by serving as role models, bringing diverse perspectives, fostering inclusive environments, challenging biases, promoting pay equity, and contributing to organizational success. At ASEA, it’s no different—we value the women in leadership roles and those working up the ranks. We are forever grateful for the contributions women bring to ASEA and look forward to what we will accomplish together for years to come.