Mothers—bring youthfulness back with the Intensive Redox Serum

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Life is not easy. People have it hard. Women have it harder. And some may argue that mothers have it hardest.

Although being a mother is incredibly rewarding, in the midst of it all, it can sometimes feel like being on a perpetual treadmill, running to the next item on a to-do list 24/7. Whether it’s taking kids to their sports practices to master their skills, figuring out what to make for dinner for the three+ different appetites in the home, or juggling paying jobs with the demands of the non-paying mother life, life can be exhausting.

Their faces are constantly in demand as well, from the well-wishing kisses of their 3-year-old to the inevitable scolds they give their children to let them know what they did was “not okay” or the never-ending laughter from your kids showing you their “cool new trick.” Over time, these facial demands can cause semi-permanent lines and wrinkles that seem like they’ll never go away.

Lucky for mothers, ASEA developed the Intensive Redox Serum—a concentrated formula for targeting trouble areas. Using safe, cruelty-free ingredients that is suitable for all skin types, the Intensive Redox Serum is the much-needed break mothers have been looking for. It’s ready for any situation your face may find itself in.

Furrowed brows

It’s inevitable—mothers will look at their children in all sorts of ways. Whether they furrow their brows from their kids coloring on the walls or the happy tears that come from watching their child take their first steps, children will bring all the emotions out of a mother.

The Intensive Redox Serum can attack these lines and makes the skin look smoother across the board. A mother can continue to give any look to their kids knowing that the Intensive Redox Serum will turn that frown upside down and keep those tears happy.

Lack of sleep

With babies come sleep deprivation and with sleep deprivation come wrinkles. It’s been well-documented that a lack of sleep can cause a plethora of facial imperfections, including wrinkles. Hate to break it to you mamas out there—you’re not getting any sleep anytime soon.

So take care of those wrinkles with Intensive Redox Serum. The ultra-concentrated formula was built to target those wrinkles using redox molecules. These molecules help your skin cells communicate with each other and work together to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.


Naturally, we all age, including mothers. Our skin cell turnover rate slows down dramatically over the years. Because of this, our skin can wrinkly and have fine lines that are unwanted.

The Intensive Redox Serum helps you age gracefully in the spots that matter most. Around your eyes, on your forehead, or by your lips, the Intensive Redox Serum can go anywhere to give you the youthful look you’ve wanted since before you had your babies.

Self-care at its finest

Every mother deserves a little self-care, and daily application of the Intensive Redox System can be just that. Find yourself, find your youth, with the Intensive Redox Serum.

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