Red October – Enjoy a month full of incredible deals!

October exclusive! Special offers tailor-made for distributors in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and CBEC customers!

Enjoy exclusive deals tailor-made for you! We proudly present the ‘Red October’ promotion!

The key highlights:

  • Promotion 1:

When an associate, preferred customer, or retail customer places an on-demand order or a subscription order (either existing or new) for the RENUAdvanced Skin Care System, they will receive a tube of RENU28 for free.

  • Promotion 2: 

When new associates enroll with an enrollment order of 400PV or more, they will receive 1 set of the RENUAdvanced Skin Care System for free.

  • Promotion 3:
    For our existing or newly registered associates, as they advance to specific ranks, they’ll be entitled to RENU28 sample tubes or RENUAdvanced Skin Care System sets, and even cash rewards up to $300 USD!
  • Promotion 4:

When Cross-Border E-Commerce (CBEC) customers buy 2 sets of RENUAdvanced Skin Care System in one order on CBEC platform or WeChat Mini (WMP) Program, they will get 12 RENU28 sample tubes for free.

Throughout this generous October, we’ve prepared bountiful promotions for you. Each of these promotions is a testament to our gratitude and appreciation for your journey with us.Seize these offers and make your October shine even brighter.

Terms and conditions:

  • Promotions 1 is for associates’ or preferred customers’ on-demand orders or subscription orders (new or existing) and is for retail customers’ on-demand orders.
  • Promotion 2 & 3 are for associates registered in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore.
  • Promotion 4 is for Cross-Border E-Commerce (CBEC) customers only.
  • Participants for Promotions 1, 2, and 3 need to be in good standing to earn prize(s).
  • For Promotions 1, each account can only get 1 free tube of RENU28 (Each account can only use the promo code once).
  • For Promotions 1 and 2, promo code will be applied automatically.
  • For Promotions 1 and 2, free products will be shipped together with qualified enrollment orders, and on-demand/subscription orders.
  • For Promotion 3, If an associate first advances to D300 and subsequently progresses to D700 within the promotion period, he/she will be entitled to a total of 37 RENU28 sample tubes for free. However, if an associate initially advances to D700 but later drops to D300 during the promotion, he/she will only receive 25 RENU28 sample tubes for free.
  • For Promotion 3, free products will be shipped to the address on account within 30 days of the promotion conclusion. The $300 USD Bronze bonus earners will receive the cash bonus within 30 days of the promotion conclusion. The bonus will be declared and submitted to Tax Bureau according to the local tax laws.
  • For Promotion 4 – It is a bundle, and the free RENU28 sample tubes will be shipped with the paid RENUAdvanced Skin Care System.
  • For Promotion 4, each China ID is limited to buy 1 promo bundle only in both Aobenwang (ABW) and WeChat Mini Program (WMP). For example, if one China ID has purchased the bundle on ABW, this China ID cannot purchase this bundle on WMP.
  • Prizes are non-transferable.
  • Free products have no volume.
  • All orders will be verified for eligibility.
  • Refund order may disqualify the associate from qualifying for the free reward.
  • The sales of ASEA products in online shops and marketplaces is strictly prohibited. Any ASEA associate found to be engaging in unauthorized online sales is subject to disciplinary sanctions up to and including termination. All orders may be audited to verify legitimacy.
  • ASEA, LLC. reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of the promotion.