Redox Rewards: the new form of self-care

Welcome to an all-new world of loyalty—welcome to Redox Rewards.

Redox Rewards is the ASEA loyalty program but with a boost. Redox Rewards lets you earn points quicker through our brand-new tier system. You can earn up to 30% of your subscription order when you become a Redox Legend! But we’re getting ahead of ourselves—let’s get into the nitty gritty of Redox Rewards!

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How Redox Rewards works

Start your first subscription order.

Start earning Redox Rewards points immediately and automatically with your first subscription order. Plus, you’ll never run out of the products you love when you’re on subscription!

Spend money, earn points.

You’ll level up the longer you have an active subscription, letting you earn points faster. The longer you stay on a subscription, the quicker you can turn points into rewards!

Earn Redox Rewards, get free products.

As you earn Redox Rewards points, you can redeem them anytime for any product available in your market. Simple!

We’re committed to supporting you—and rewarding you—in activating the potential of your health, your body, and your life! With Redox Rewards, not only do you save with wholesale pricing on each subscription order, but you’ll also earn points that are redeemable for even more products. It’s flexible, streamlined, and easy.

Redox Rewards tiers

Redox Rewards wants to reward you for your loyalty. The longer you stay on an active subscription, the higher the tier, the better the rewards.

Redox Explorer (1–3 months on subscription)

Explore Redox Rewards and earn 10% of what you spend in points.

Redox Trailblazer (4–6 months on subscription)

You’ve blazed a trail, and now you earn 15% in points for every subscription. 

Redox Champion (7–9 months on subscription)

Hold your championship belt high—you’re now earning 20% in points per subscription order. Quicker rewards mean more products for your trophy case!

Redox Hero (10–12 months on subscription)

Grab your cape, and fly into even more points! Every subscription order gets you 25% in points.

Redox Legend (13+ months on subscription)

They’ll speak your name for years to come—a true Redox Reward Legend. At this level, you earn 30% in points of your subscription order! Redeem your points for products even faster.

Simply put, buy on subscription, earn points, then turn those points into products, earning more points at a time the higher the tier. Redox Rewards is here, so stop reading and start earning your rewards!

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