The ASEA Advancing Life Foundation is empowering mothers all over the world

As we celebrate Mother’s Day and the mothers in our lives, we wanted to highlight some of the mothers we’ve had the privilege of working with, including Mothers Without Borders.

Helping mothers helping others

By empowering mothers, we don’t just save one life; we save the dozens of lives those mothers are likely responsible for. Their children, siblings, spouses, parents, friends, family—all relying upon one person for support and comfort. By helping mothers in vulnerable environments, we breathe life right into the heart of the community.

Mothers Without Borders

Mothers Without Borders, a non-profit organization in Utah, works to “empower women and youth through education and mentorship programs to enable them to be change agents in their own lives and communities.”

Together, the ASEA Advancing Life Foundation and Mothers Without Borders have made an impact, particularly in Lusaka, Zambia. 

School supplies and lunch programs

Breaking the cycles of poverty, abuse, and suffering is a daily and ongoing commitment. It requires understanding where our donations can be best utilized and stretched to make the biggest impact for the most vulnerable.

One such area of need is within the schools. Together with Mothers Without Borders, we were able to provide 100,000 meals to 800 children and 20 teachers in Lusaka with the community school feeding program. These mothers wouldn’t have to worry about their children going hungry.

By providing nutritious meals for these students, we combat the widespread food insecurity in Zambia, which has some of the highest malnutrition rates in the world.

Food isn’t the only necessity for students. We are also funding school supplies for the children at the Carol Zulu School, meaning families don’t have to worry about finding the resources to pay for essentials like writing utensils and books. With this burden lifted, their children can stay in school.

Education will always be secondary to nutrition as a child with a hungry stomach can’t focus, study, or even attend school. These donations not only feed the children—they allow the children to get an education, a crucial step in escaping poverty.

Special delivery where it’s needed most

One of the biggest obstacles in combating hunger is location. If a community is not within walking distance to crucial resources, that community will suffer exponentially.

Thus, a need was identified. Teaming up with Mothers Without Borders, we have supplied a full-size military truck complete with a trained truck driver, whose salary is prepaid. This truck allows us to reach disparate communities, providing transportation for people as well as valuable resources, such as hot meals and water. Now, mothers can get transportation to and from important locations, safely.

The truck also helps support the existing school feeding programs, bringing lunch to students every day.

All over the world, mothers are relied upon for love, care, and support.  It follows that helping mothers will allow them to do what they do best—take care of our future generations. With your help, the ASEA Advancing Life Foundation can continue making a difference for mothers, and others, worldwide.

Consider making a donation today. Remember, ASEA matches every donation made so your funds have twice the impact, giving your dollar double the fighting power. Your generosity will help these families live long, happy, and healthy, lives.

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