Mompreneurs: How running a business from home gives moms the option to chart their course

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Motherhood is a journey that is both rewarding and challenging—a constant balance between being present for your family and pursuing your passions. Running a business from home is a solution that offers the best of both worlds. With the option to work on your terms, you can build a thriving business and still be present for the moments that matter most. Find out how having an ASEA business is changing the game for multifaceted moms.

Flourish with flexibility

Family time is a top priority, yet there never seems to be enough. Between making sure the kids are safe, fed well, on top of homework, and getting to their extracurriculars, the thought of driving back and forth to an office every day stresses many mothers out. Running a business from home allows you to:

  • Work at your own pace
  • Set your schedule—around your family’s needs
  • Skip the commute
  • Set meeting and work times when you want
  • Take breaks whenever you need

This flexibility can enable you to have crucial quality time for your family, your partner, and for self-care while still running an empowering and successful business. One study indicated that 58% of mothers who started their own business wanted more control of their own schedule.

Fostering opportunity for growth

According to the Wells Fargo 2024 Impact of Women-Owned Business Report, there are more than an estimated 14 million (39.1%) women-owned businesses in the US and nearly 30% are owned by mothers. Women-owned businesses generated $3.9 trillion in revenue in 2023 alone. Women-owned businesses are likely to be more profitable than male-owned businesses. With a focus on different markets than male entrepreneurs, more-careful decision-making, better resource allocation, and collaborative and inclusive leadership styles, women tend to see business differently than men and it’s a big business strength!

Receiving rewards for your efforts is one of the most significant benefits of starting your own business. You have the opportunity to take control of your supplemental income and achieve greater independence when you’re willing to put in the work. Being in charge of your business means:

  • Flexible income potential
  • Diversifying income streams
  • Potential tax benefits and deductions

When you run your own ASEA business you eliminate the need for costly office space and commuting expenses, which leads to significant savings and the ability to invest more into your business. You can choose to work additional hours to increase income or scale back to prioritize family. Diversifying your income streams with multiple prospects helps provide a safety net during tough times and increases your earning potential. And if that wasn’t enough, home-based businesses have a higher survival rate than businesses located outside of the home.

Pursue your passion

With an ASEA business, you have the option to turn your hobbies, interests, and skills into assets—providing you with the satisfaction of powering your fullest potential and doing something you love, every day. You have the ability to choose who you work with and how you build your team.

In a recent study, researchers found that pursuing one’s passion was positively associated with greater happiness and overall well-being. People who power their potential are more likely to find greater job satisfaction and experience a positive impact on their mental health. When you love what you do you’re more motivated to create a career that is a fulfilling and rewarding experience, that brings value and joy into your life.

As an entrepreneur, you create something that aligns with your values and interests while making a positive impact on your community and the people around you. It offers a sense of personal fulfillment as you work towards something bigger and helps you open yourself up to new opportunities and experiences that allow you to reach your full potential. See what ASEA can do for you!

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